• Report/Comment here if any of the video is broken or cannot be played.
  • To report a broken video, kindly indicate the link, the stream, the number of player if it is parted and the issue. (ex., Stream 2, player 1, cannot be played player is blank or black)
  • After reading your report, we will immediately take a look on the issue to fix it usually takes a few seconds .
  • Deleted video issue — this is a bit complicated issue since we don’t host any videos here on our website thus we cannot guarantee that any of our videos here will last forever. It is all controlled by the host. We may or may not consider replacing a deleted video it all depends on us. Replacing a deleted video is a bit harder to do than posting a fresh one. 

Most of the time, videos that are not playing can be solved by just refreshing the page or by pressing F5 key on your keyboard when using desktop PC.
When using gadgets like tablet or mobile phones, you can simply pull the screen down to refresh the page.